The Book of Awakening


You can find the teachings of this book inside three other books (availables in english).


Mysterious characters move through the pages of this book: the envoy OtoCritshna, the time monk Vadusfadamo ... The Book of Awakening contains the basic texts of the Damanhur school of thought: "Dying to Learn," "Reborn to Live," and the "Seven Scarlet Doors".



Seven Scarlet Doors 
Seven Scarlet Doors



"Seven Scarlet Doors" tells of an encounter that any one of us might have with an awakened soul, a consciousness, a spiritual master. And what questions, doubts and hopes might be born as a result of such a meeting. We encounter ourselves in memories, strange coincidences, ancient languages; we nourish ourselves according to the original dietary gospel, confronting as readers the same tests as those of the protagonists.


In the end the Awakening that is talked of is ours: to awaken means to learn to think of yourself and life with joy and love towards others.
Vadusfadam the monk is calling you: are you ready to leave?







Dying to LearnDying to  


Are these perhaps the End Times? A new beginning in the history of humanity? Are spiritual messages arriving, so that we – men, women and children – can find our purity again, and our ability to believe, to hope, to build a new life? This is the dream that OroCritshna talks about every evening, sitting around the fire. He is a mysterious Envoy, who offers a vision of the world that is both ideal and practical. He takes us on an inner journey through joy, pain and love so that we can encounter our deepest self and share it with others.


This is the First Book of the Initiate, an essential element in the exploration of the philosophy of Oberto Airaudi.









Seven Scarlet Doors 
Reborn to Live


Vadusfadam is not just a strange monk. If what they say is true, he is an alien who has arrived on Earth by means of reincarnation, to trade in, produce and cultivate ideas.


He talks of thought as merchandise exchanged between worlds he tells of great divinities who observe us commenting on our steps, he teaches... So what does the time monk Vadusfadam teach us? And then, his way of disappearing from the planet... Who on earth is this being? A helper, a controller, an Envoy?


After "Dying to learn", another fundamental text for understanding our role in the game of life.





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