Seven Scarlet Doors

Oberto Airaudi

Publisher: ValRA Damanhur - October 2005

pages: 200

available in English
Base price 13,00 €
Sales price 13,00 €

“Seven Scarlet Doors” tells of an encounter that any one of us might have with an awakened soul, a consciousness, a spiritual master. And what questions, doubts and hopes might be born as a result of such a meeting.
We encounter ourselves in memories, strange coincidences, ancient languages; we nourish ourselves according to the original dietary gospel, confronting as readers the same tests as those of the protagonists.
In the end the Awakening that is talked of is ours: to awaken means to learn to think of yourself and life with joy and love towards others.
Vadusfadam the monk is calling you: are you ready to leave?

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