Stories of an Alchemist

Oberto Airaudi

Publisher: Niatel – November 2011

pages: 228

available in Italian, English, German and French
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This is a book of alchemy suitable for children and adults. My stories are told as I “accidentally” or synchronistically remembered them at different times, without a precise apparent order.
Numerous anecdotes suggest laws and principles related to spiritual physics, and the stories contain many practical directions so that you can carry out your own experiments.

Oberto Airaudi (Falco Tarassaco)


An alchemist is somebody who knows how, with infinite passion, patience and care, to distill the best from themselves and everything, mixing emotions and substances, experience and courage till they discover what they did not know before.
History has given us the memory of people like Cagliostro, Fulcanelli, the Count of Saint Germaine. We know of their commitment within the meanders of the Ars Regia, looking for the formula “to transform the human being into God”.
As an alchemist in our times, Falco Tarassaco is an original voice. For Falco, an alchemist is an indefatigable researcher, gifted with a profound faith in the ability of every woman and man to learn the profound secrets of nature in order to grow and transform oneself into a work of art, and have fun in the process.

Preface by Stambecco Pesco

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