Catalog of the selfic painting gallery

16 preface sheets - 83 catalog pages - 11 biography pages

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The most striking element in Oberto Airaudi’s paintings is life. Life as the first ingredient, expressed through emotion, communication, asymmetry and movement. In his work one feels that the artistic act is still vibrant, as if the painter was able to crystallize a time particle on the canvas: the painting is there, finished, but it looks like it is still being painted, as if forms and signs were constantly recreating themselves.

In Oberto Airaudi’s paintings we cannot imagine a static, motionless painter while he works. The artist is the action that creates the painting and colors, signs and forms are the living actors in it.

Although the themes he deals with are universal, in his paintings Oberto Airaudi also offers the keys to understand the historical, social and spiritual development of the Federation of Damanhur.

NIATEL s.r.l. – Galleria dei Quadri Selfici di Oberto Airaudi - P.IVA n° 10319420013
Sede Legale c/o Damanhur Crea, via Baldissero 21 – 10080 – Vidracco (TO) ITALY
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